Compress images in React: Browser Image Compression Libary

Compress images in React: Browser Image Compression Libary

I recently got interested in compressing images on the client-side for a couple of reasons:

  • Reduce my cloudinary bandwidth and storage usage
  • Users were complaining about long waits while uploading images

So I ventured to look for a library that will help me solve this fast and easy, maybe in the future I might build my own from scratch.

So I came by a couple of libraries that will help in compressing images on the client-side.

Browser Image Compression

  1. Install it with your favorite package manager

    npm install browser-image-compression --save


    yarn add browser-image-compression
  2. Create your react component

    import React from "react";
    class App extends React.Component {
      onChange = async (e) => {
        // Some onchange event calls
      render() {
        return (
          <input name="file" id="file" onChange={this.onChange} type="files" />
  3. Start compressing

    import Compress from "browser-image-compression";
    onChange = (e) => {
        // Get the files selected from the input tag
        // On select files always come in an array even
        // if you choose one its the first index
        // if you selected a couple then loop through the array
        const file =[0]
        // Compression config
        const options = {
            // As the key specify the maximum size
            // Leave blank for infinity
            maxSizeMB: 1.5,
            // Use webworker for faster compression with
            // the help of threads
            useWebWorker: true
        // Initialize compression
        // First argument is the file object from the input
        // Second argument is the options object with the
        // config
        Compress(file, options)
            .then(compressedBlob => {
                // Compressed file is of Blob type
                // You can drop off here if you want to work with a Blob file
                // If you want to work with the File
                // Let's convert it here, by adding a couple of attributes
                compressedBlob.lastModifiedDate = new Date()
                // Conver the blob to file
                const convertedBlobFile = new File([compressedBlob],, { type: file.type, lastModified:})
                // Here you are free to call any method you are gonna use to upload your file example uploadToCloudinaryUsingPreset(convertedBlobFile)
            .catch(e => {
                // Show the user a toast message or notification that something went wrong while compressing file


Next, we will cover using react-image-file-resizer library